Liquidated Damages

Background A builder recently contracted to a homeowner for substantial renovation work to an existing home. The owner rented temporary accommodation for the duration of the contract (only) and had included liquidated damages in the contract to cover the additional costs of accommodation, interest on mortgage and other consequential costs, in the event of delay […]

Removal of Debris

Removal of Debris – the 10% standard cost may not be sufficient! Every rebuild insurance policy will include an allowance for the removal of debris before the rebuild commences. When calculating the cost of ROD, most insurers will apply a standard 10% –  which is equal to 10% of the cost of the rebuild. Is […]

Hire Agreements

Hire Agreements – the devil really is in the detail! Hire agreements appear to be far more complex than meets the eye.  Specifically, it encourages brokers to really understand the detail behind each hire agreement and to check in to the disproportionately high amount of small print. There is an undeniable truth about writing insurance […]

Worker to Worker Liability

Worker to Worker Liability – understanding the rules Construction sites are a complex place of work. Consider a typical building, civil engineering or mechanical engineering project site. At any one time, there is likely to be a large number of parties engaged to work on it including the head contractor, subcontractors, sub subcontractors and hired […]

Best Practice in Construction Contracts

In a modern building project, few documents are as important as the construction contract. Get this right and you have the basis for constructive working relationships and positive outcomes. Get it wrong and you have a recipe for delays, disputes, acrimony, financial penalties and, in extreme cases, insolvency. So what are the problems, and what […]